Custom Polish

Custom 15ml full size polish

Smokey Mountain Lacquers

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Custom 15ml full size polish

Custom... a word that rarely goes along with nail polish! Ever imagined having a custom polish for your wedding, event, team, or group? How about a custom collection tailored specifically for you? Here at SML we can create custom nail polish that is created just for you!!! We will work with you from beginning to end to give you a truly one of a kind polish, or polishes. You choose the colors, effects and finish. Please allow extra time for us to work with you on perfecting your custom creation. 

Current TAT for customs is 4-6 weeks

We have created two options for our customers. An exclusive rights polish that will never be re-created for anyone else except you or "no exclusive rights" polish that allows us to sell the creation in other collections we may release in the future (under a different name).


Smokey Mountain Lacquers has developed their craft to become one of the best indie nail polish brands. We hand craft unique nail polish, glitter nail polish, nail products, and nail care items. Our nail lacquer can be used in nail designs as well as nail art and is a unique addition to your nail polish sets. Crafting the best nail polish isn’t easy. We create and hand pour our less toxic polish into quality bottles and use higher quality brushes than the mass manufacturers. Our polish is known for its durability and being a quick dry nail polish. Let us create a custom nail polish just for you. Our custom nail polish creations are great for weddings, teams, or other groups where that special polish can create a lasting memory. Design your own nail polish? Yes you can! Personalized nail polish is nearly impossible to find. Here at Smokey Mountain Lacquers we’re happy to create customized nail polish just for you!